Analysis and monitoring of the Chilean economy

High level executives of different companies participate in our monthly meetings on the macroeconomic situation and medium-term perspective of the Chilean economy.

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We have extensive experience as Experts for one of the parties, or as Expert Advisors of the Referee, in various cases between private parties.

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Economic advice

We produce Reports for companies and financial institutions on macroeconomic and microeconomic issues, such as sectorial, regional, industrial organization, and regulatory issues.

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Value and transaction opinions

We issue Opinions to business directories, banks and law firms about the economic value of companies, specific transactions and the fulfillment of financial contracts.

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Seminars on economic issues

Presentations on specific topics made to clients of companies and financial institutions, and to trade organizations.

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Consulting to International Organizations, Governments, Supervisory Agencies and Regulators

We produce Proposals for modernization and improvement of the design and implementation of monetary and fiscal policies, financial institutions, and regulated markets.

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